1. Jan Meppe: Learning TypeScript - The basics
  2. Mark Dominus: Useful and informative article about privately funded border wall
  3. Eric Lippert: Life, part 21
  4. Dan Moore: Show up
  5. Coiled Computing: Distributed Data Science for Management
  6. LanRaccoon: Learn about transaction isolation levels
  7. Darek Kay: Quick Tip — Local history in IntelliJ IDEA
  8. Luca Palmieri: Choosing a Rust web framework, 2020 edition
  9. Julia Evans: saturday comics: a weekly mailing list of programming comics
  10. Swyx: Lessons and Regrets from My $25000 Launch
  11. Graham Lee: Another non-year of Desktop Linux
  12. Graham Lee: SICPers podcast episode 10
  13. Hillel Wayne: Weak and Strong Fairness
  14. Jimmy Maher: Under a Killing Moon
  15. Uwe Friedrichsen: Simplify! - Part 7
  16. Scott Aaronson: Scott’s Zoom tip: Email the link!
  17. Swyx: Launching the Coding Career Handbook!
  18. Danny Salzman: I Plasti Dipped my Neo Alphasmart
  19. Eric Lippert: Life, part 20
  20. Ben Hoyt: More alternatives to Google Analytics
  21. Carl M. Johnson: Heidegger, Cookies, and NoSQL
  22. Julia Evans: Tell candidates what to expect from your job interviews
  23. Coiled Computing: Distributed Data Science for IT professionals
  24. Joshua Phua: Have you been reading? It's your gateway to success
  25. Robin Wieruch: How to create a REST API with Oak in Deno
  26. Scott Aaronson: David Poulin
  27. Paschalis Tsilias: What are the limits of Go channels, and just how fast are they?
  28. Eric Lippert: Life, part 19
  29. Dan Moore: Writing great software isn’t all about the software you write
  30. Amit Chaudhary: FastAPI for Flask Users
  31. Coiled Computing: Coiled's first live stream... Science Thursdays!
  32. Sinclair Target: Roy Fielding’s Misappropriated REST Dissertation
  33. Alexander Batischev: What does git checkout origin do?
  34. Pablo Meier: 🎭 Discrimination, Python pattern matching 🐍
  35. Ken Shirriff: Die shrink: How Intel scaled down the 8086 processor
  36. Robert Heaton: PFAB #17: pre-computation sounds like cheating but isn't
  37. J. Scott Johnson: Startup Learnings What Piloting Palm Taught Me or Examples of Equity Splits
  38. Graham Lee: Where We Ditched Chipzilla
  39. Swyx: Versioned Docs in 30 Seconds with Amplify Console's Branch Subdomains
  40. Pierre Neidhardt: Eshell versus M-x shell
  41. Jimmy Maher: This Week on The Analog Antiquarian
  42. Joshua Phua: What have you learnt writing as a software engineer?
  43. Uwe Friedrichsen: Simplify! - Part 6
  44. Amit Chaudhary: Google Colab Tips for Power Users
  45. Coiled Computing: Why I joined Coiled
  46. Ben Hoyt: Lightweight Google Analytics alternatives
  47. Eric Lippert: Life, part 18
  48. Graham Lee: SICPers podcast episode 9
  49. Amir Rachum: How to Cultivate Your Cheat Sheet
  50. Coiled Computing: Distributed Computing for Data Scientists
  51. Mark Dominus: Geeking out over arbitrary boundaries
  52. Graham Lee: It protects. It also promotes and prevents.
  53. Robert Heaton: Remote code execution vulnerability in KensingtonWorks mouse manager
  54. J. Scott Johnson: Using Spacy for Part of Speech Tagging
  55. J. Scott Johnson: Making OSX Fonts Display Better
  56. Marc Brooker: Code Only Says What it Does
  57. Scott Aaronson: Pseudonymity as a trivial concession to genius
  58. Robin Wieruch: Getting started with Oak in Deno
  59. MonkeyUser: Schmuck
  60. Peterme.net: Creating condensed shared libraries (Embedding NimScript pt. 3)
  61. Eric Lippert: Life, part 17
  62. Dan Moore: Don’t sign anything you can’t understand
  63. Pablo Meier: 💥 Rises and Falls, Indieweb 🕸
  64. Luca Palmieri: Zero To Production #2: Learn By Building An Email Newsletter
  65. Amit Chaudhary: A Visual Guide to FastText Word Embeddings
  66. Joshua Phua: Part II - How do you create your own publishing website?
  67. Joshua Phua: How to create your own fast and high performance publishing site like Medium?
  68. Scott Aaronson: Quantum Computing Since Democritus: New Foreword!
  69. Ken Shirriff: Reverse-engineering and comparing two Game Boy audio amplifier chips
  70. Swyx: Notes on RSI for Developers Who Don't Have It (Yet)
  71. Julia Evans: A little bit of plain Javascript can do a lot
  72. Hillel Wayne: Property Testing with Complex Inputs
  73. Jimmy Maher: The Shareware Scene, Part 5: Narratives of DOOM
  74. Uwe Friedrichsen: Simplify! - Part 5
  75. Dave Cheney: How to dump the GOSSAFUNC graph for a method
  76. Pablo Meier: 📏 Getting what you measure ⏱
  77. Swyx: #HeyForGood
  78. Scott Aaronson: Justice has no faction
  79. Solène Rapenne: Download files listed in a http index with wget
  80. Eric Lippert: Life, part 16
  81. Danny Salzman: My Values
  82. Paschalis Tsilias: Experimenting with Go Generics
  83. Jan Meppe: I don’t like my blog anymore. Help!
  84. Pablo Meier: 🐷 The police cannot be saved 🧱
  85. Darek Kay: Quick Tip — Bypass a blocked context menu in Firefox
  86. Gonçalo Valério: Dynamic DNS using Cloudflare Workers
  87. Peterme.net: How to embed NimScript into a Nim program (Embedding NimScript pt. 2)
  88. Robin Wieruch: How to handle errors in Express
  89. Robert Heaton: PFAB #16: How to make your code faster and why you often shouldn't bother
  90. Joshua Phua: How do you create a video chat application?
  91. J. Scott Johnson: A Conceptual Architecture for a Filesytem to SQS Loader
  92. Swyx: My Life as a Con Man
  93. Danny Salzman: META Post - Blog Infrastructure
  94. Ken Shirriff: A look at the die of the 8086 processor
  95. Julia Evans: What happens when you update your DNS?
  96. Mark Wrobel: Amiga Machine Code Letter XII - Vertical Scalling Using the Copper
  97. MonkeyUser: Release Cycle
  98. Utku Ufuk: One Task Board to Rule Them All
  99. Mark Dominus: Malicious trojan horse code hidden in large patches
  100. Eric Lippert: Life, part 15

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